Our mission

We are a young underwear and sports brand based in Barcelona, ​​recognized avant-garde center in the textile sector.

Elva’s mission is to help women protect their intimate area both through our garments and creating awareness.

Our Designed with the female physiognomy at the heart, ELVA’s garments have our exclusive thermoplastic device inserted, to give protection and support to the intimate area with the look and feel of normal briefs or leggings.

Made by women for women. Made locally with high quality materials.

Our recognition

Our recognition is for those women who, breaking prejudices, managed to make progress and improved the conditions of all of us. That’s why we have named our products with the name of some of them. Let’s keep their spirit.

ROSA: Elva’s Culotte panty

CHARLOTTE: Elva’s Brazilian panty

SELMA: Elva’s Classic panty

VALENTINA: Elva’s Legging (long)

AMELIE: Elva’s Cropped Legging

C/Mossen Antón Romeu, 56 entresuelo 2º · 08912 Badalona (Barcelona – España)