Protection and comfort
The first intimate clothing designed for women’s health

ELVA understands your body and takes care of your most sensitive parts,
avoiding genital insensitivity
which can cause daily rubbing of tight clothing or physical exercise..

What does ELVA offer?

Made with Elva’s signature technology, our exclusive undies, designed with a revolutionary 100% hypoallergenic thermoplastic material that adapts perfectly to your body shape, give you the right protection in the intimate area. Offering the greatest comfort, with the look and feel of regular briefs.

Designed with a triple purpose: total protection, fixation and comfort thanks to its total adaptation to the body contour.

Exclusive materials and revolutionary design, designed for women’s health

  • The ELVA Legging is ideal for any sport activity as well as for your everyday.
  • It protects you from loss of sensitivity in the clitoris area caused by rubbing and pressure.
  • Avoid non-stylish / non-flattering brands, gaining comfort and discretion, whatever outfit you choose.
  • Perfect for all types of postoperative: vaginoplasty, labioplasty, episiotomies, postpartum

“The Elva Panty with its protector is so useful for me when I go to the Gym. They are very comfortable, especially for my spining sessions”

Eva Méndez

“These panties avoid aesthetic inconveniences when I wear tight clothes, while I feel more comfortable. Now I go safely and calmly.”

Cristina Lloret

“They are very comfortable, good looking and functional, you can also wash them like any other panties. Actually, I feel perfect with the ELVA Panty! ”

Ingrid Canilla

“We heard about the new line of ELVA products through worth of mouth – family and friends. We were very interested in the product, firstly because it’s original and well thought to make a woman’s day more comfortable and attractive. As the manager and owner of Illadeflix, I’m also a sports practitioner, and I always recommend the leggings to my clients. I use them daily to do gymnastics and also as an easy and comfortable everyday piece”

Rita Costa, Manager and Owner of Illadeflix

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