ELVA is the first underwear and sportswear brand
that protects your intimate area.

Your sensitivity is the difference

Elva, understand your physiognomy and
take care of your most sensitive parts

The use of tight clothes either in your everyday or during sport practice makes your intimate area subject to friction and / or pressure.

Elva offers you revolutionary clothes specifically designed to protect you in that delicate area and avoid sensitivity loss.

Products thought
by women
made for women

Products that look good and feel even better

Elva, the first intimate clothing designed to
avoid vaginal insensitivity

The continued practice of sport activities that involve contact or pressure in the intimate and perineal area (cycling, horse riding, rowing, running, or intense exercise) can lead to the “pudendal nerve disorder” commonly called “pudendal nerve disorder” commonly called cyclist syndrome.

Trough a revolutionary design, our garments come with an exclusive protector, specifically made to prevent this disorder and the discomfort that derives from it: pain, loss of genital sensitivity or lip hypertrophy, among other symptoms.

Products thought by women made for women

Products that understand your physiognomy, that take care of your body and at the same time offer you maximum freedom of movement.

Elva Panties

Revolutionary panties that incorporate inside our exclusive device made from 100% hypoallergenic thermoplastic. With anatomical shape, protecting your intimate area from ​​friction and pressure.

Exclusively designed by Elva

3 styles:
Basic, Culottes and Brazilian

5 colours

Our products

Elva Leggings

Taking one step further, we’ve combined our exclusive thermoplastic protector with a flattering legging, all in a single piece.

Exclusive product designed by ELVA..

Two styles:
long cut / cropped

1 colour: Black

Listen to your body

Panties and leggings
designed for greater protection and total comfort

Prevents loss of sensitivity of the clitoris caused by pressure and / or friction due to the use of tight clothing

Ideal for sports, especially fitness, cycling in all its forms, horse riding, rowing, Pilates or ballet

Protection and comfort in the postoperative intimate surgery

Avoid non-stylish / non-flattering brands, gaining comfort and discretion, whatever outfit you choose.

What does ELVA offer?

Exclusive products that incorporate an intimate protector made of 100% hypoallergenic thermoplastic, to protect your most intimate areas, vagina and clitoris.

Products that work to shape, adapting to the body contour designed with a triple purpose:

  • Maximum protection
  • Maximum fixation
  • Maximum comfort

All products manufactured in Spain

Perfect also for every-day use

Our innovative ELVA Panties give you the right protection ideal for everyday use: protecting you from tight clothes, as well as for your travel routines.

Perfect also for every-day use

La protección que los Pantys ELVA pueden proporcionarte son ideales también para el uso diario ya que:

  • Combaten la perdida de sensibilidad del clítoris causada por el roce en el uso de prendas ajustadas (leggins, vaqueros,…)
  • Como protección es óptima para todo tipo de postoperatorio ya sean vaginoplastias, labioplastias, episiotomías, postpartos,…
  • Evita marcas antiestéticas de los labios vaginales en el uso de prendas ajustadas.

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